Welcome to Forum Romanum kennel!                                                                                       

My name is Karolina, owner of Forum Romanum italian greyhound and cirneco dell'Etna kennel. I'm from Poland..

I've registered the prefix Forum Romanum in 2004, but dogs were my passion and a hobby many years before. I was born and raised in a dog lovers family- and dogs accompanied me from the first steps. I've got my first italian greyhound from one of Russian kennels in 1991. This page is devoted to my home kennel, my dogs and their show careers. You will also find here information about IG's and cirnecos, history of these breeds worldwide and in Poland.

Here you will find the results of dog shows in Poland and abroad, mostly in relation to italian greyhounds and cirneco dell'Etna.

However I will stay focused mainly on my dogs... on these who are my companions now, but also on those who were my friends before this page was built, 'cause it's thanks to them I'm now here with you.

I hope you will find this page interesting and useful. I'll be happy if some of you will fall in love with IG's or cirnecos, just like I did years ago.

Once again welcome to my website! Have a nice time!

See you on the dog shows!